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My initial training background was foot medicine, Podiatry, which is one reason I chose to write about walking barefoot and reconnecting to Mother Earth and because it is a subject about feet and I reckon most people love to walk barefoot in the sunny warm weather.

It is such a powerful thing for humans to experience this natural connection to the Cosmos. The words ‘if you walk barefoot on the grass or sand you will feel better’ is not a myth but the truth. We have generally lost our way connecting with nature and Mother Earth. It is our most natural state, from walking barefoot to putting our hands in the earth, eating with our fingers and to breathing in fresh and unpolluted air.

It has been known by the Chinese for 1000s of years that when we connect our body to the earth and the2hands2001 sky i.e. the Cosmos it helps to ground us and nourish our energy or Qi. In Chinese Medicine, the meridians are described as energy or Qi channels, not seen by the average naked eye but may be experienced during acupuncture or by practicing Qigong. Chi or Qi is a form of Mother Earth’s energy or Cosmic energy. In the world of Yogis, the Cosmic energy is referred to as Prana. This energy from the Cosmos can be absorbed via many body antennas like our tongue, nostrils, eyes, hands, and feet.

In Chinese Medicine, the point or kidney 1(K1) This begins on the ball of the foot and is viewed as the major entryway or portal for the absorption of Earth’s surface Qi.   The Chinese believe in practicing Qigong outdoors and if possible barefoot amongst nature in the warmer weather.  The kidney energy is also referred to as our Jing and therefore related to our adrenal energy, as they sit right above the kidneys. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are seen to be like the roots of a tree where if the roots are strong and nourished then the rest of the tree and branches (akin to our body) will flourish. This Bubbling Wellpoint is seen to connect to most of the organs in the body via another meridian called the Urinary bladder (UB).  This Urinary bladder meridian is connected to most of the major organs of the body such as the Spleen.


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The Spleen in Chinese Medicine is seen to be how we use our Qi like a transformer, from our batteries the kidneys. The Spleen is involved in transforming our food into blood and energy/Qi. But it is also said to house the power of thought.  And hence sayings like

  • food for thought
  • unable to digest certain information
  • verbal diarrhea

The Earth is seen as the center of our Cosmos and the ‘Earth’s Organ’ is the spleen and is seen as holding a central place in the human body.

In the history of Chinese Medicine, it is taught that the treatment of most illnesses we must first address the Jing energy and/or the Spleen energy, the Earth element. When Spleen energy is strong, physical vitality is also strong. Keeping the spleen strong also means keeping it warm & energized with living food and chi/prana exercise. Which is one reason that whilst eating a lot of cold raw or uncooked food in a cold climate, it is important to warm and energize the foods with ginger or something warming and to warm it gently.  It is also said if we have a healthy spleen we will have a healthy concern for own needs first and then concern for others. The spleen is also about support, the sense of community, tribe, and family Now we know more than ever before in this day of electronic times, this sense of support has broken down and we are much more in need for support and nourishment.

A healthy spleen ensures that a person is well nourished in every aspect.  

The Spleen loves and needs to experience the sense of touch, to connect, even stroking an animal such as a dog. Touch is as fundamental as is the need for food. So, in essence, it is about supporting the health of our mind, body, and spirit.
The Spleen energy needs to enter a deeply ‘sense~ual’ relationship between the body itself and another live being and the Earth.
Often it is not the food we need but our need to feel and connect, especially to the cosmos.


          In essence, it is about being grounded.

Having this abundant knowledge of the Cosmos secrets has led the Chinese and Yogis to become great leaders in helping to heal the body with the Earth’s Qi. And so now we can see the connection between our being and the earth from an Esoteric angle.

So when we experience walking barefoot in a forest, on the sandy beach or anywhere on an open natural earth surface, many of our senses come alive and our electrical being is energized and healing takes place within our entire body, mind, and spirit.

We come to learn to trust the Earth’s support and we may notice an internal softening and our energy becomes more grounded.

In our touch deprived, over sedentary, over analyzing and ungrounded lifestyle the Spleen needs has become the most commonly ‘energy deficient’ organ in the body.

The spleen energy is also said to be related to the feeling of ‘homesickness’, to want to belong to a home. This feeling of being at home is found within ourselves and ultimately connecting to Mother Earth both on an emotional level and a physical level and spiritually. It is such a profound feeling and of course the most natural for us to experience. Many tribes, for example in the Amazon, Aborigines and North American Native Indians were barefoot or wore animal skin type footwear and were known to have an amazing connection to the Earth and ultimately knew how to live in harmony with nature. Is this a coincidence? Walking barefoot and connecting to the earth’s electrical surface? I don’t think so. It is like experiencing a different dimension to know the feel of the earth’s surface below your feet. Imagine the awareness of the different temperatures, texture, and other senses beneath your feet. Your feet become like the roots of a tree, becoming earthed, strong and connecting to the whole vibration of understanding the way of the earth.

When you walk barefoot you become so aware of the moment and more …..

like of the many muscles in the feet, calves, thighs, pelvis, shoulders, and neck, and all these steps you take soften the step! And instead of taking the shortest, fastest route, you seek the gentlest. And you cover the ground silently….noticing all that is beneath you, from beetles, caterpillars, sheep droppings, rocks, the wetness or dryness textures of the grass ” by Joanna

Most of the time we are lost in the rat race keeping up with the trends of the society’s media and vogue fashions with our thoughts here and there, rushing around depleting our ‘battery’ ~jing and our spleen energy. We hardly take time to be still in the moment and feel what is and right beneath our bare feet.

From a scientific point when we rush around in a polluted city, and the air is full of positive ions, and we are wearing synthetic clothes and footwear, plus, we are creating those worrying, anxious thought (spleen) patterns we create that well known positive electrical charge within every part of our bodies, known as static electricity.  If you have ever been stressed and you touch the door of your car or brush your hand or 46715792_488635218324503_341795026424037376_nbody against synthetic garments then you may have experienced that electrical woosh of static electricity that can almost feel like an electrical shock to the body or your hair all of a sudden stands up on its ends! This static positive ionic charge is created from being ungrounded, disconnected from the earthwhich leads to the fact that there are not enough free electrons available i.e. we become electron deficient within our bodies or we lack enough anti-oxidants and we end up having an excess of free radicals building up in our body.  Free radicals are normally healthy and have a job to do but not if they are in excess, they then turn from being good guys to bad guys. So when there is an excess of them in the body it leads to the tissues in our body becoming oxidized and causes all sorts of inflammatory and painful type related conditions to arise.  Unfortunately most cities’ air is full of too many toxic positive ions caused by the ever-mounting ‘heap’ of pollution and unfortunately, there are not enough negative ions to cancel out or neutralize the positive ions. So if you experience that stressful acidic feeling in a city it is not your imagination. These excess positive ions create stress and acidity in an ungrounded body.
We are being ‘electric~fried’.

And it is for these reasons we need to walk barefoot because the earth mantle is known to have an abundance of those much needed, healing negative electronsGoing barefoot is one of the healthiest new trends of these past few decades.

The body is dependent on a healthy electrical charge.  From our nerve impulses transmitting electrical charges controlling every muscle movement in our body to our red blood cells ‘bouncing off each other.

Most of all our DNA is a periodic crystal that traps and transports electrons with efficiency and that emits protons, electromagnetic waves. DNA is also known to emit photons with such regularity that researchers compare the phenomenon to an “ultra-weak laser”. Every living thing emits an electrical charge. Even living raw food. You can see this via Kirlian photography below of an organic piece of broccoli (left) compared to a conventional piece of broccoli (right) .

Modern research has now proven that electron transfer takes place from the Earths mantle via our feet/Bubbling Wellpoint.  A book called Earthing by Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra, and Martin Zucker goes into the facts and research of how earth/body medicine works to help heal our body by reducing any inflammation /pain in our bodies and therefore helping to heal many ailments. I have already mentioned the K1 energy point and UB meridian and how this is connected to the Jing energy and therefore the adrenals and hence Cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, but in this book, it is discussed from a Western scientific viewpoint.  The book talks about how grounding reduces our Cortisol levels and therefore our stress levels. A life full of stress mainly worry, will contribute to many health problems like sleep disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, reduced immune response, autoimmune disease, mood disturbances, and blood sugar irregularity and stress causes inflammation in the body.  When the body goes into overdrive or becomes stressed there are quite a few hormones and other types of chemicals activated within the body and this leads to an excess pool of them in the blood and cells.

If you read Dr. Batmanjali’s book The Body many cries for water you will learn about what happens to the steve-halama-733692-unsplashbody when it becomes dehydrated. It becomes stressed and vice versa.  When we are stressed we become dehydrated and the body produces a multitude of excess hormones and neurotransmitters which build up in the bloodstream. At this point we cannot forget the fact that our blood is 90% water and is also a conductor of energy, it is alive!  And every thought is a vibration and has an effect on our body’s chemistry.

Another famous book that covers this whole subject is Dr. Emoto’s  Messages from the water.  More importantly, it is our very core, our DNA is known to alter through vibrations and electrons. In metaphysical science it is referred to as Epigenetics, in Shamanism it is referred to as Shapeshifting and in Chinese Qigong, it is referred to changing our prenatal Qi and/or present birth Qi.

In the book Earthing you can see live blood cell analysis photos of the before and after subjects of people who have been grounded using various types of Earthing technology such as grounding mats and sheets etc. Blood cells which have a tendency to become stuck together in a Rouleaux formation are seen in an unbalanced and inflamed body and after having experienced around 30 minutes of a grounding mat the live blood analysis shows the cells separating into their normal free healthy isolated state. Their cell membranes have become electrically charged once again and now ‘bounce off each other in a healthy manner. Another 2 major chemical messengers that are affected by stress are:-  Serotonin & Melatonin. Serotonin is the happy calm neurotransmitter but it is also now known to be related to the functioning of our ever-changing DNA. Serotonin is not only produced in the brain but also the gut. Melatonin is related to our sleeping pattern and is essential to a healthy functioning immune system.


In essence, the body’s biological clock needs to be continually balanced by the gentle pulse and vibrations of the Earth that governs the circadian rhythms of all forms of life.

The planet is wired with life deep into its crust and from above. After all, we are just channels made for connecting and our body is just like an extension of Mother Earth’s sea full of live water waiting to harmonize our ever-changing DNA.    

There’s an old native saying that “People with shoes will go crazy”

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