Have you ever considered fasting? Well, now is a time to fast with this New Moon! When we have luna energy to work alongside with, new moon or full moon, we have a natural detoxification process taking place. The magnetic pull of the moon energy naturally pulls and pushes the ions, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium, in and out of the cells. This process takes place during the night. During the day we have a similar process going on with solar energy. This is why Agni, or fire in the belly energy (Ayurvedic philosophy)  is often helped along by the presence of the energy from the sun. Take note – Detoxing is always preferable during the spring and summer months in a colder climate and of course even better if you are in a warmer sunnier climate too.

Ok so back to the grape fast. Why use grapes? From my long education in nutrition both on a training level and from my own experience, I have found grapes to be amazing for cleansing. The grape used to be revered in past years as it was known to offer a good cleanse and to help heal diseases.

If we take a look at the Chinese energetics of the grape we can learn this about it:-


  • It dissolves dampness or mucus, read more here about mucus free food
  • It also funny-blue-grapes-fruit-cartoon-illustration-black-food-comic-character-31449643tonifies the Qi and blood (especially the red and black grape)
  • It is full of antioxidants and so nourishes  adrenal and immunity
  • The grape also strengthens the kidney
  • And spleen energy
  • If you suffer from constipation you will find the mineral hydration from the grapes will free up this lack of flow
  • Great for cleaning out the bowel and lymphatic system



So as you can see the grape is an energizer of one of the most depleted organs of today, which is the spleen! You can read my blog on spleen energy too (which I am in the midst of rewriting)
In our touch deprived, over sedentary, over analyzing and ungrounded lifestyle, the Spleen has become the most commonly ‘energy deficient’ organ in the body.

The spleen energy is also said to be related to the feeling of ‘homesickness’, to want to belong to a home. This feeling of being at home is found within ourselves and ultimately connecting to Mother Earth both on an emotional level and a physical level and spiritually. It is such a profound feeling and of course the most natural for us to experience. Many tribes, for example in the Amazon, Aborigines and North American Native Indians were barefoot or wore animal skin type footwear and were known to have an amazing connection to the Earth and ultimately knew how to live in harmony with nature. Is this a coincidence?

The kidney energy is also referred to as the JING energy too as the adrenals sit above the kidney. When we energize the JING energy with black colored food, we can be rest assured there will be an increase in energy also.  We need good JING energy to detoxify. The jing energy can be likened to that of the roots of a tree. When the roots are strong then the rest of the tree, trunk, and branches are nourished and become stronger. Again most people need more jing energy due to the fast -paced life we live in. There is more stress than ever before. Our Jing energy is our longevity, combined with the Shen and Qi, the 3 treasures in Daoist philosophy.

Ok so back to the grape fast. If we are fasting with liquids from fruit or vegetables, we need to make sure we are eliminating as quickly from our body i.e. pooping, as we are from the cells. This is often what people forget when they detox. Otherwise, we have unwanted healing crisis taking place.

You want to make sure your grapes are:- organic and colored red or black. Grapes are one of the most highly sprayed fruit!  So avoid those unwanted pesticides. Remember we are nature and the body will only recognize nature.  It is difficult to get hold of seeded grapes these days, which is a sad fact of life. Seeds are our essence to the cycle life and rebirth.

You can juice them in your mouth avoiding the skins and flesh or you can simply eat them whole, avoiding seeds if you have seeded grapes. Eat as many as you feel your body would like for energy. I have found my energy levels to be amazing when I am fasting on grapes or practicing Shivambu.

I found when I have gone to the gym and have cycled, I have more energy than before the fast, and it is beneficial to carry out with some form of low impact movement, helping the dustbin men (the lymphatic system)  empty out the bins!

You will notice plenty of bowel movements throughout the day. You can safely carry this out for 2 weeks plus. Tune into your body and take note of what the body’s needs are.

Avoid any supplements other than probiotics. You can also drink healthy water, avoid plastic bottled water and tap water. You can also drink fruit teas with unbleached tea bags.

And if you feel ready you can go for the liver/gallbladder cleanse afterward. You can read more here.

Go for it because you are worth it!
Here is a little poem I wrote many years ago after my 1st bowel cleanse


Oh what it must be to be mr grape!
he does n’t have to be like a banana Funny-Grapes-Smiling-Applique-Machine-Embroidery-Digitized-Design-Pattern-700x700
or do an asana
he does n’t have to be so a peeling
he can be a ex seeding ly
grape in purple or green
and just to be seen
in his true colors
one wonders
if he would prefer to be a mango
who can tango
or an intoxicating delicious apple
who is the biz in being able to dazzle
due to his crispy tangy taste
those taste buds don’t want to waste
he s just happy being mr grape
and being able to keep you awake
with vit C, E n’ beta-carotene
not forgetting OPC
oligomeric proanthocyanidins!

With love and gratitude
Susan Laing



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