The contracted or constricted Collarette is the zig zag iris sign with a rail track like appearanceThis shows there may be a tendency to a sluggish bowel. See the zig zag iris sign – collarette – is closer to the pupil than other collarette signs. This is a left iris. And we can see the zig zag  rail track collarette signThis is a left iris. And we can see the zig zag  rail track collarette sign.

It also can indicate a tendency to stagnation of the lymphatic fluid around the intestines.

Contracted collarette

Contracted collarette

Did you know that your lymphatic system can hold onto 18 litres of waste and stagnant lymph fluid! This can have a detrimental effect on the entire body.

According to John Andrews, this sign is often formed embryologically, due to anxiety in utero. This may persist into adulthood in the form of chronic self-doubt. People with this sign tend to be very self- contained and inward- looking.

Research with psychoneuroendocrinology the following tendencies may be found in association with this iris sign:-

  •  Ear, nose, throat disorders
  •  Under activity of the Pineal gland, Thymus and Hypothalamus
  •  History of dysbiosis
  • Childhood diseases and suppressed with use of pharma drugs such as NSAIDS, antipyretics and antibiotic use
  • Lack of breast feeding
  • Hyperactivity of the adrenal glands
  • Increased lymphocyte activity
  •  Speedy depletion of Vit C or zinc. This is essential for immunity and for hypothalamic and Pineal equilibrium
  •  Angina pectoris

 Psycho-emotional issues tendencies associated with this iris sign are:-

  • General feelings of insecurity
  • Fear of letting go
  • Fear of dependence and acceptance of wisdom
  • Strong issues of control, such as the fear of relinquishing control; such as eating disorders e.g. Bulimia. This can be related to unresolved issues with the person’s father or male figure


Health protocols to ease a sluggish bowel or constipation will be helped with:
  • Adding more warming mucus free raw food helps to hydrate the cells. It contains more hydrogen ions. It is one of the purest forms of water, outside our body, for hydration of the body and can help the cells detox
  • Adding more mucus free raw plant -based food with more spare electrons helping to increase antioxidant power
  • Adding more mucus free raw food with plenty of living enzymes
  • Creates a healthy balance of neurotransmitters such as the fee -good chemical serotonin.
  • Serotonin helps to create peristalsis within the gut
  • Exercise and movement e.g. rebounding to help with the lymphatics
  • Incorporating massage with aromatherapy
  • Liver gallbladder cleansing to help: the bile to flow, which prevents constipation; bile flow and Brunner gland helps to hydrate the body and prevent parasites/candida
  • Address the emotional and spiritual aspects related to bowel emotions
  • Relaxation therapies are also very helpful to reduce cortisol levels
  • Walking barefoot on the earth

Research has shown that the collarette can relate to the following:-

  • The integrity of the intestines
  • Innervation of the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Deep distribution of hormones, endocrine exchanges in arterial blood circulation
  • Embryonic development of the individual
  • Ancestral memory

The collarette is also known as Autonomic Nerve Wreath or Corona. Research shows how important this sign is in regard to genetics and psychoneuroendocrinoimmunological (PNEI) aspects.

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