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33 Steps to a Healthier Happier You

  Remove negative stress from your life - Stress involves anything that forms acidity and disEASE in the body Stressful thoughts – learn to create a more positive outlook on life If you have encountered something that may seem challenging on an emotional level then consider it a lesson in life If you have unresolved [...]

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The Grape Fast

Have you ever considered fasting? Well, now is a time to fast with this New Moon! When we have luna energy to work alongside with, new moon or full moon, we have a natural detoxification process taking place. The magnetic pull of the moon energy naturally pulls and pushes the ions, such as potassium, sodium, [...]

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Iris sign signifying a tendency to constipation or a sluggish colon

The contracted or constricted Collarette is the zig zag iris sign with a rail track like appearance. This shows there may be a tendency to a sluggish bowel. See the zig zag iris sign - collarette - is closer to the pupil than other collarette signs. This is a left iris. And we can see the zig zag  rail track collarette [...]

Powerhouse castor oil pack with fresh turmeric & ginger

Whilst I have been carrying out another liver/gallbladder cleanse over 10 days, I began to add: freshly squeezed ginger and turmeric; along with the organic castor oil, onto my liver and gallbladder area. I applied this every day. And so it was the birth of SoulBodyDetox Castor Oil Combo The liver and gallbladder is one [...]

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Cool as a Cuke = cucumber

Did you know cucumbers are A fruit, as they contain seeds And they belong to the Gourd family They are one of the most healing mucus-free raw foods, you can add to your plate or glass! It is a dying breed, the seed, and seeds are the SEED of life Many a fruit are being hybridized. [...]

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Sauerkraut – another beneficial probiotic food

our Sauerkraut - an ancient fermented longevity food recipe Did you know sauerkraut Dates back to more than 2,000 years ago from China It was then introduced to Europe by the infamous Mongolian leader Genghis Khan when he decided to invade China. He stole this recipe and took it back to his homeland. But he replaced [...]

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The elixir of blood Kombucha tea is also known as:-  Manchurian tea  Russian tea Kargasok tea  Fungus japonicas  Sponge tea  Tea fungus  Kombucha Mushroom Tea This fermented tea is known to increase longevity and if taken regularly can reverse aging. It is an elixir for a long and healthy life.  It has been used for centuries. [...]

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Walking barefoot and reconnecting to Mother Earth

This was an article I wrote earlier on this year for the Funky Raw magazine but I have updated it with a few nice images My initial training background was foot medicine, Podiatry, which is one reason I chose to write about walking barefoot and reconnecting to Mother Earth and because it is a subject [...]

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Facts about garlic

"Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” - Paracelsus I felt compelled to write my very 1st food or nutritional blog on the wonderful Mother Nature's medicine for many ailments - Garlic. I have had a love affair with this earth bulb [...]

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