Susan ‘s recovery to health involved nourishment on many levels. In a nutshell, her immune system had taken a dive. You can learn a little more by having a browse through each page on what you can do to help you and your health

Susan has had many years experience with iridology, naturopathy, and nutrition.

Cleansing your inner pipes is like adding real health insurance

Tune into what your body is telling you

Susan’s journey involved many avenues of recalibration from following a living raw food diet, juicing and smoothies, Chinese herbs and meditation and swimming in the sea and many other portals for recalibration to mention here.

Learning to tune in to what the body is telling you , or, listening to your gut intuition, rather, than what your thoughts say is a life lesson. Your body is like a tuning fork. When you connect to the natural rhythms within you and the nature rhythms of the universe – circadian rhythms, you can experience a natural recalibration. When human beings allow themselves to become wired in to these natural circadian rhythms, such as natural daylight, sea and wild water, and the pulsing earth frequencies it helps to create a healthier being. Any disturbances in these connections can upset your entire being. I help people to tune into these circadian rhythms and pulses within. You are nature and you are connected to nature and the hologram of the universe. You can visit to learn more about wild water swimming.

Intention is medicine

Susan’s journey with raw organic plant-based way of living was a huge step towards rebalancing equilibrium in the physical and mental body, and helped to create more light and energy within the cells.

You are not only what you eat, but, what you can digest in life.
If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

Cleansing and nourishment 

Susan’s transformation with living natural raw food is based on nature.  Most of the time improvement to your health can be experienced when you get to combine this with cellular cleansing involving the colon, liver and kidneys and get to live in harmony with nature.

The body is like a fine-tuned instrument and is capable of choosing the correct nourishment when you are in alignment. Nourishment is about tuning into harmonic frequencies that are resonating with your natural light frequencies.

Susan Laing M.Ir M.G.N.I N.H.F.Dip D.Pod.M
initially trained as a Podiatrist, before coming to study in natural medicine. This change of direction began when there was much-needed self-exploration and inquiry, due to her own health imbalances. She studied with 3 different iridology colleges, and laterally with one of the top leading iridologists in the world. She is also trained in naturopathy, nutritional healing, cell rejuvenation, and, is the author of Love Your Liver, Feel Alive. (This book has now been removed from Amazon – and rewritten for E-books)