1. Remove negative stress from your life – Stress involves anything that forms acidity and disEASE in the body
  2. Stressful thoughts – learn to create a more positive outlook on life
  3. If you have encountered something that may seem challenging on an emotional level then consider it a lesson in life
  4. If you have unresolved negative emotions consider getting good help
  5. If you are depressed, learn to do something creative
  6. Creativity! Being more creative helps to access the child within and is fun, and is a form of expression
  7. Stroke an animal and feel your stress levels reduce
  8. Add more living bio-photonic, wild, mucus-free food to your plate and glass. Eat chi
  9. Food is Mood. Become aware of what is eating you and why you eat.
  10. Add movement to your day and activate the lymphatics – the dustbin men
  11. Exercise helps blood flow to the head and helps activate the hippocampus, and helps it to expand, helping to improve memory and learning! Wow
  12. Exercise more! This helps the release and increase the flow of connecting messengers, such as hormones and neurotransmitters
  13. The release of more endorphins help you to feel more positive
  14. Learn how to relax to feel more present and connected
  15. Practice more moments of silence, as this is known the help expansion of the amygdala which stores negative emotions, therefore helping to release negative stored emotional patterns
  16. Laugh more. The laughter facial muscles stimulate the release of endorphins. Did you know that a baby smiles in the womb
  17. Make sure you sleep well as sleeping helps to produce killer cells -these cells help with your immunity
  18. Make sure you are grounded. Try barefoot for 20 minutes per day. This helps to alter the blood state from a sticky Rouleaux formation, into a healthier blood state, where each can cell bounce of one another – they become more electrical – pow wow
  19. Sunbathe at the right times of the day with your feet connected to the ground, become a conduit of for solar power, coz we are solar powered
  20. Keep hydrated
  21. Drink more living biophotonic light water from living ORGANIC, wild fruit and vegetables
  22. And drink a good source of  clean spring water with a low TDS or distilled water with a pinch of living sea salt
  23. Live your dreams! Record and write down your dreams to help you retrieve parts of your soul and gain more sovereignty
  24. Create healthy boundaries with discernment
  25. Get involved in something you feel passionate about
  26. Spend more time in nature and connect with the earth, trees, and flowers
  27. Be you, stop comparing yourself to others, because there is no one quite like you
  28. Spend less time on social media and connect person to person
  29. Find your gift and share it. This may not be something you are already qualified in or trained in
  30. Learn to love and respect every part of your body temple. Stop blaming your body for not working properly. Remember the body does not commit suicide. When we blame our body we are being passive aggressive towards the body. This emotion is harming your body.
  31. Take responsibility for your health. Detox your body, everyone needs to undo the gunk on an emotional and physiological level
  32. Breathe deeply
  33. And inner-smile




Love and Gratitude
Health is Wealth
Susan Laing

Author of Love Your Liver Feel Alive ebook and softback available on Amazon